People attract people
We understand that knowledge is key, however only part of the success.

To build a unique group, we attract unique people who add their personal touch to the group.
At One of A Kind Technologies, you are never just an employee or an individual.
We are a company with a certain mentality, attitude and culture which makes us ‘One of A Kind’.
Each team member is vitally important and has unique skills, characteristics that contribute to the whole.

We cherish authenticity, and diversity and give our people the freedom and space to develop themselves, their expertise and ambition, in a high-tech environment.
The work we do is quite complex and challenging.
At the same time we are known to have a pragmatic and realistic approach when applying theoretic models in practice on a daily basis.

Within the group, multiple projects are rolled out by all team members in parallel. This creates a highly technical and multidisciplinary setting where -in each project- you’ll work with colleagues with a different background, resulting into different insights, diversity and creative solutions.

If you are inspired or would like to inspire us, have a look at our vacancies.


The One of A Kind Technologies team grows year by year.
Our new team-members include various experts in engineering, applied physics, mathematics, mechatronics, software, IT- and project-management.
We are proud to welcome the new employees who share our passion for technology and strengthen the One of A Kind Technologies organization.
Every month we have several interesting job-openings for engineers, students and technology fans with the ambition to grow and expand our group internationally.

People at One of A Kind Technologies have a background in:

  • optical engineering,
  • software programming,
  • electrical engineering,
  • mechanics & mechatronics,
  • applied physics & mathematics,
  • information technology,
  • machine learning
  • validation and documentation
  • project management

We stimulate diversity and we’re not restricted to these areas only.
Our teamleads are always interested to get in touch with talented minds (F/M/X), as long as you have the right attitude!



If you have questions or would like to apply, please contact our Human Resource Manager: or tel. +31(0)407470401.

‘By believing in his dreams man turns them into reality’ – Hergé