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We believe in the use of proven technology to support ensured Food safety, traceability and transparency in the food-chain.
Applying our knowledge in vison and robotics to food and AgroFood processes turns this believe into solutions.


In this business segment, One of A Kind Technologies is present to safeguard patient safety.
Our solutions provide enhanced track- and traceability, from primary packaging production down to the final consumer-packing.

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Packages are around us everywhere. We all rely on the provided information.
Increased focus on traceability, quality and authenticity feed the growing demand for in-line inspection results.

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The Food industry has a lot in common with the Pharmaceutical industry. Both markets increasingly demand ensured quality of products and associated track- and traceability data.

Social trends lead to increased standards for hygienic handling, minimized use of pesticides and maximum transparancy of relevant data.
Consumers want to know where the product originates from, what is its contents, has it been processed safely and correctly?
Our technology inspects the actual food product as well as its packaging, labels and prints.
Self learning algorithms can detect, inspect and classify organic products such as vegetables and fruit which have variable shapes.
Our vision technology combined with robotics leads to a strong offering in Grading, Sorting and Packing Solutions.
An example is the Sortiflex® which simultaneously and automatically inspects quality, classifies products and places them in the designated package.
Automating this process has lead to a more cost efficient and consistent manner as human labor and 24/7.

In addition to increased quality, efficiency, flexibility and consistency in handling, this enables our Agro & Food customers to address the challenge in labor-scarcity and -cost.
Plantmanagement becomes more robust with the availability of all data from each individual product, both for quality analysis purpose as well as predictive measures.


In this business segment, One of A Kind Technologies is present to safeguard patient safety and enhanced track and traceability of medicine and primary packages.

The Vimec product portfolio is targeted at ensuring quality of primary glass containers (vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes) through:

  • inline cold-end inspection systems (final product),
  • hot-end systems (process control when the glass container is created)
  • off-line inspection systems for statistical process control and sample analysis.

Vimec systems typically inspect and measure in a validated, highly repeatable manner.
Inspected properties are:

  • cosmetic defects,
  • dimensional aspects such as size, shape, form
  • contamination
  • labels, markings and prints, including OCR text recognition.

Together with Smart Vision Center and Beltech, a complete portfolio for pharmaceutical inspection solutions including track and traceability and serialization can be offered for pharmaceutical products.
This applies to primary and secondary packages and the surrounding production and logistics.


Packages are around us everywhere.

Increased focus on track- and traceability, environmental focus (use of plastics and recuding waste), cost efficiency and marketing lead to increasing variety of packages.

Our technology enables customers and machine builders/OEMs to automate the (primary) packaging process regardless the size of the production lot and number of different packages.
Changing packages or prints are addressed by our cutting edge vision and machine learning technology and robotics.
We offer reliable inspection, regardless of color, font type, integrated feature recognition and code interpretation (beyond OCR) and process this data in such a way that other machines or robots can process the package or track and trace which product is packes in which package and consecutive secondary package.

Also provisioning of unique codes and safe storage here of (seriliazation) can be an integral part of our software suite.

Typically we supply a turn-key module that is integrated into a machine builder’s complete line.

This way we deliver our technology white-label to a machine builder/OEM that is active in a specific product market combination.
In such case you do not see on of our brands on the machine, but we are inside, and backing the machine builder with development, commissioning, support and training.
We have partnerships like this world-wide.

‘By believing in his dreams man turns them into reality’ – Hergé