KOAT is an international machine- and system supplier of internal transport and material handling systems in the greenhouse horticulture. KOAT develops and integrates systems to enable end-to-end automation for the fresh produce market. Its technology is targeted at automation of harvest processing, buffering, storage, sorting and packing including the automatic provisioning of package materials.
Beltech develops, implements and maintains computer vision and robotics system primarily for the vital market segments, Food, Agriculture and Pharma where quality matters every day. The systems developed and implemented by Beltech, are centered around automatic inspection, measurement, recognition and robot handling. Ultimately these systems guarantee improved productivity and consistent handling and quality control through automation.
Crux Agribotics develops, delivers and integrates automation systems for the Agriculture market. Crux Agribotics has developed the leading SortiPack® Robot family for automatic Grading, Sorting and Packing of crops, fruit and vegetables for growers and packing centers worldwide. Our ultimate vision is to realize end-to-end automation from harvesting to packing of fruit and vegetables with robots.
Smart Vision Center (SVC) develops and delivers machine vision systems to customers and machine builders (OEM). SVC is a leading Cognex PSI (Partner System Integrator), certified to handle all Cognex machine vision systems. It offers inspection systems and modules for inspecting food, packages, labels, prints and products. Each of these solutions and modules can be integrated (white-label) into complete production, assembly and processing lines.
Vimec Applied Vision Technology is the Leader in Glass Inspection and Monitoring Solution. Our systems warrant the quality within the world-wide pharmaceutical glass packaging industry. Vimec systems inspect quality of primary pharmaceutical packaging including vials, ampoules, cartridges and syringes. Systems are delivered and supported world-wide the high-end quality is safeguarded through application of the GAMP standard.

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