Hall 9 most visited at #FruitLogistica2019

This 2019 edition is the second time for Beltech and Chistiaens Agro Systems to attend FruitLogistica.
Our engineers have worked hard to be able to show a completely new setup of the Sortiflex® Integraded Sorting Robot.
It’s great to see how the hard work pays off in a lean design, robust mechanics and robotics.


What’s new to Sortiflex® in the #Fruitlogistica2019 edition?

We’ve listened to your feedback and we kept the lean design and the small footprint for the machine.
Other improvements were made:

  • Beltech has added multiple vision setups in order to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities.
  • In-line quality inspection with multi spectral infrared techniques can now be integrated.
  • The new Sortiflex® is equipped with ABB deltarobots
  • Picking algorithms have been optimized to achieve even higher yield
  • Three of the gripper designs are shown, able to handle soft-skinned produce without leaving permanent marks
Busy traffic at Sortiflex: Hall 9 #FruitLogistica2019

Thanks for your visit!

As you may have noticed in Berlin, we had a busy time welcoming you all at our stand.
We like to thank you for your interest and the many good conversations we had!
Your questions, remarks and feedback have made #FruitLogistica2019 a true succes already.
As promised, we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to follow up the discussed topics.


What’s up after the exhibition?

The 2019-setup will be used as a demonstrator and will handle more than just mini-cucumbers.
Meet our team in Hall 9, booth E01 and set a date for testing your product on the upgraded Sortiflex® in Eindhoven.
Or get in touch via mail here, a soon reply is guaranteed!


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More about Christiaens Agro Systems here.

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