A unique group where a culture of authenticity, creativity and initiative connects individuals.


We invest in pro-active R&D, Sales and Services.


Preserving the satisfaction of our customers whilst contributing to a more safe and environmentally friendly world.


Demographic, social and technical trends drive our position at the forefront of Smart Industry, with adaptive and intelligent vision technology, robotics and mechatronics.


A lean, employee- and customer-centric organization where knowledge-sharing and development is the basis for individual and collective growth.


We innovate in everything we do.
We create our own destiny.


A unique group where a culture of authenticity, creativity and initiative connects individuals.

Our Leading Principles


Create your own destiny. Dream and dream BIG, to leverage the power of self-fulfilling prophecies.


Do not wait for tomorrow if it can be done today. Freedom and Accountability are one. Make decisions and take actions needed.


Think out of the circle - improve and innovate, as a person and for the business.


Walk the extra mile and do not give up.


Promote diversity and respect. Enable individuals to develop and flourish from their individual strengths and personalities.

At One of A Kind Technologies, each individual matters. “It is all about People, the rest is technology”….is our paradigm.
We are happy to invest time and energy in recruiting the right people and developing them afterwards.

People at One of A Kind Technologies can be themselves and work in an environment where errors can be made, and initiative is stimulated.
Our people typically get a lot of freedom and responsibility and can determine their own future within the company as well as the destiny of the company collectively.

We cherish steep learning curves combined with an eye for the human individual. We invest in development, knowledge sharing and having fun together. 
Monthly sessions to share information, eat and drink together as well as healthy food and sport activities at the office are offered to stimulate attention for work-life balance.

At the same time we are on a mission and invite people to come with ideas, to challenge the status quo and to grow with us.

Our founding principle was based on Hergé: “By believing in his dreams, man turns them into reality”.
Visit us and you’ll see the Rockets of Hergé’s Tintin to foster this belief.
Our founders will refer to them with lots of passion whenever opportune.

At the end, culture is a thing you need to feel.


Based on our Vision we invest pro-actively in R&D, Sales and Services to remain a High-tech Growth company and Technological Leader with IP in Computer Vision, Software, Mechatronics and Robotics.

We invest extensively in own IP and product development which enables us to deliver products, systems and modules turn-key. We bear risk from new system development projects as it leads to continued accumulated IP for the long term. For more than 30 years we have been expanding and leveraging our portfolio and library of IP. This is a strong base for future product development and projects,  competitive propositions in terms of investments and lead-times for  end-customers and OEM equipment manufacturers.

We will not stop before a system or module is fully operational and performing according to specification. After systems go live, we offer all our partners and customers the possibility for (24/7) support including periodic preventive maintenance and calibration to safeguard a continued top performance of their systems.

We are active in the pharmaceutical, food and packaging industry, where our systems typically function as an insurance policy to secure delivery of the correct product to consumers and patients.
Food- and patient safety matter each day.

Ultimately by focusing on Quality in everything we do, we secure satisfied customers and recurrent business driving sustainable profitable growth. We adhere to global and local quality standards and apply GAMP validation as an integral part of our offering.

Future growth will come organically from new product development and business expansion with existing and new customers and partners into our key markets. Future add-on acquisitions to accelerate our market position or technological capabilities will remain an integral part of our growth strategy.

Our roadmap is based on increased application of machine- and deep learning algorithms.
This will enable our customers to use the data from their production processes and our systems in a smart and predictive manner to increase quality inspection and process control methods.
Our inspection technology will be expanded with integrated mechatronics and robotic systems for enhanced handling of products and packages enabling our key markets to leverage the benefits of Industry 4.0 in real life.


“We ensure that our customers deliver the right product to their customers, typically patients/consumers, in the most efficient and optimal way to warrant quality and authenticity of the product and associated data.
In case this process is compromised, our technology enables our customers to (re-)act swiftly through track and tracing functionality.

We preserve our client’s customer satisfaction and image and contribute towards a more transparent, (food and patient) safer and environmentally friendly world through intelligent usage of data and automation technology.“


We work at the center of key technological trends such as Smart Industry/Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Big data.
Besides technological trends we constantly study customer input and market trends to align our technology roadmap.
Demographic trends like a growing and aging population, need for increased healthcare and provisioning of medicines, better treatment of our planet and increased demands from consumers for product and data transparency, track and traceability, shape our business and technology vision.

Above trends drive the sustainable growth of our key markets, Pharmaceutical, Food and Packaging industry.

Scarcity of human labor and increasing labor cost are already jeopardizing (food-)production yields. The combination of machine vision and robotics handling within our roadmap addresses exactly these trends.
In addition to resource issues, additional requirements occur in hygienic, and consistent handling of (food)products and packages.

It is our Purpose to enable markets to deliver only the right product to their clients, whilst our technology provides them the warranty that this happens in the most optimal manner, in the right quality and that the end product is authentic, including the data associated with it.
We facilitate our client’s customer satisfaction, image preservation and contribute towards a more transparant and environmentally friendly world through open standards, intelligent usage of data and automation technology.

To stay ahead in rapidly changing markets, our customers require agile and flexible operational processes.
This trend drives the further growth of adaptive automation technologies.
Our unique experience in combining machine vision, robotics, mechatronics and machine learning, realizes this flexibility in accurate and automated systems. Our systems enable our customers to handle smaller production-series with the same systems, whilst realizing shorter lead-times and lower inventory.
With and without human intervention, these systems detect autonomously product types and adapt the handling and processing of it.

As part of our technology roadmap we will develop smarter systems, more intelligent and sophisticated, equiped with self-learning algorithms.
The data derived from these systems is aggregated in a user friendly manner, helping our customers to control, improve and predict their businesses and operational processes.


One of A Kind Technologies, was founded in 2012 and grew by acquiring Beltech BV and Vimec Applied Vision Technology, both leading in their market segments.
In 2015, Smart Vision Center was founded to address new markets with existing and new product market combinations.

Since the start, One of A Kind Technologies grew structurally in terms of revenue, profit and number of employees.
To realize its future growth,  through organic growth combined with future acquisitions, in 2018 the group secured growth capital from public investor Gimv.

One of A Kind Technologies has a lean organization model where multidisciplinary development, engineering and services are leveraged over the individual business units through a matrix organization.

To focus and secure proactivity , dedicated CORE 3 Management teams lead the business, technical quality and customer satisfaction of its specific business segment. The Leadership Team is fully involved operationally safeguarding the group’s overall objectives, including development of modular IP according to its roadmap and strategy.

The matrix organization enables One of A Kind Technologies to leverage competence development on individual and collective level and secures knowledge sharing over the entire group.
Individual employees have perspective to develop themselves in specialized areas whilst they can also gain experience in different market segments and geographical areas.

Leadership Team

Alex E. Kind
CEO & Founder
Richard Vialle
CCO & Founder
Han Roelofs
Willem Theuws
Tim Heuer
Group Controller


Innovation is the foundation of One of A Kind Technologies. It is in our DNA.

90% of the group comprises of highly educated engineers from all leading universities.
Our customers challenge us every day to act at the borders of what is technically and physically possible.
This way we can innovate through customer driven projects. In addition, we invest significantly in Innovation and Development by testing and experimenting with new technologies, technical principles and the development of new products for specific market segments.
Each employee at One of A Kind Technologies is incentivized and stimulated to allocate time to development and innovation and to come up with new initiatives.

We are founded and based out of Eindhoven’s Brainport region, ‘the smartest region of the world’.
In this ecosystem, we cooperate with strong supply-chain partners and specialized companies to ensure we can scale up in larger series and minimize risk in delivery of projects according to quality, budget and planning.

One of A Kind Technologies cooperates closely with partners, institutes and universities world-wide, and participate in networks on international levels.

We are a proud member of Brainport Industries, Holland Robotics, Dutch High Tech Systems and Hightech-NL.

‘By believing in his dreams man turns them into reality’ – Hergé