Acquiring technology companies with a long track record to ensure its continuity whilst investing in Innovation, Professionalization and Growth.


Doing only the same as before does not bring new perspective. We invest in processes, systems and structure to develop the team, competencies and prepare for growth.


Growth is not the same as ‘more’. Through focus, discipline and the right tools, sustainable and profitable growth will be established as a a goal and culture.


Acquisitions are part of our Growth strategy to secure continuity and mitigate risk. We acquire strong companies.


As entrepreneurs we are easily inspired by other entrepreneurs. We are open to sharing ideas and exploring joint ventures.


Besides organic growth, One of A Kind Technologies has an active acquisition strategy focussing on profitable technology companies with a strong history and brand in its field. The common denominator in the acquisition process is always Continuity – continuity of the individual companies and of the group. This common ground is often a good starting point for the entrepreneurs involved at both sides of an acquisition.

Through our Acquire – Develop – Grow strategy we strengthen the individual positions of our companies and leverage synergy within the group.

Practical experience has learned that acquisition strategy is also an iterative phenomena and that acquisitions arise from a unplanned encountering with an entrepreneur. The reason why we are successful with acquisitions of existing technology companies is because we understand the difficulty a former owner or founder is faced with. We genuinely are focused on continuity of individual group members, and understand the importance of focusing on personnel, existing customers and suppliers. In addition One of A Kind Technologies does not acquire companies with the aim to sell but for the long term group ambition and for the next generation.

If you would like to know more about acquisition possibilities by One of A Kind Technologies, have a look at the typical profile or contact us.


A founder or former owner is typically aware of his shortcomings and the challenges for the company and its organisation.
After an extensive acquisition process, a development and growth plan will be created with the existing management team.

Depending if existing management remains in place after the acquisition, a new or adapted management structure will be appointed. Such appointment will take into account the immediate areas of attention and is aimed at strengthening overall leadership. During the first six months after the acquisition, the initial development and growth plan will be updated and completed and shared with the organization.

In the development phase the input from management, the organization and customers will be processed.

Actions and investments will be targeted at:

  • Preserving the focus on the business and operations
  • Processes, systems and structure
  • People

With renewed perspective, we identify Hidden Value to be converted to Added Value.


Growth is a tool and condition to ensure continuity long term. With growth you determine your own destiny. Growth creates a solid basis for future investments and innovation. In this sense, growth is not about adding top line revenu. It is about cultivating a strategy and process to focus on sustainable and profitable business with customers. This strategic fit is about long term and recurrent relationships, investments and business.

Growth strategy:

  • Profitable growth
  • Risk mitigation
  • Professionalization
  • Team

In the phase of fostering Growth, it comes down to execution of the plan. Objectives and actions will be broken down per discipline and per quarter and month. Strong leadersip in Sales, Operations and Technology & Development secure implementation. The process, systems and tools implemented during the Develop stage, facilitate the next step. Through stringent financial and operational evaluation, progress is being monitored.

To date, our methodology has proven itself resulting into structural year on year growth of more than 30% per individual company and with growth peaks of 70-100%  in the first operational year after acquisition per company.


Our M&A strategy is targeted at:

  • Strengthening market position
  • Complementing technology or competencies
  • Diversifying into new markets

One of A Kind Technologies acquires companies with the following profile:

  • Business to business
  • Technology focused
  • Own development or IP
  • Strong track-record, presence
  • Profitable

If you believe that our strategy and approach can fit to your company or when you have an interesting proposition, send an e-mail to oneof@kindtechnologies.nl.


With a strong experience in management and setting up new new lines of business, One of A Kind Technology can be an asset for other entrepreneurs.
Although the companies we acquired already existed over 25 years, it was our unique approach that made them double their business and strengthen its fundament through professionalization, growth and innovation.

In the case of complementary technology or market access, One of A Kind Technologies is also interested to participate in existing or start-up companies. Our participation would comprise out more than financial investment only as we are not a financial investment group.

The value add we bring to the table are our methods, experience, facilities, name and organization. These resources combined with financial resources and a strong growth plan should lead to a win for all parties involved, the entrepreneurs, employees and customers.

One of A Kind Technologies will increase its focus the coming years to designated start-up programs and technical universities as part of this strategy.

If you have an interesting propostion or believe we can add value to your company’s strategy, contact us via oneof@kindtechnologies.nl.

‘By believing in his dreams man turns them into reality’ – Hergé